LAX BAR ashtrays

Christoph Meier, Ute Müller, Robert Schwarz & Lukas Stopczynski

The exhibition “Act 1”, launched at the outset of the pandemic, presents our research to the public and traces the community that has developed around the project.
The exhibition details works created since the launch of the platform including artworks by artists involved in the “Research” aspect of a Piece of Furniture, offering context and a vital dialogue between the furniture works and the artistic practices they relate to and derive from.
With the intention of creating a line of pieces that are affordable for everyone, in conjunction with the exhibition we will launch a new feature of our platform – an edition section which will be available on the website’s online shop.
Ultimately, this exhibition will bring our so-far virtual platform to real life and introduce it to a wider audience – emphasizing the process of its development while delineating its future.

All pieces are unique

Big: 100 Euro
Small: 80 Euro



© Photos by Martina della Valle