Claudia Wieser

The artwork of Wieser features shapes that often consist of mirrored surfaces and vibrant colors, along with wooden pedestals and platforms covered in tiles. The arrangement of these elements creates an atmosphere reminiscent of loose stages, evoking memories, rediscoveries, and pure imagination. Wieser's artistic style draws inspiration from various sources, including the classical avant-garde movements of Constructivism and Bauhaus, as well as interior design, film sets, and theatre backdrops. Through her work, the artist aims to create an environment that challenges us to view our surroundings in a fresh and unique way. In her collaboration with A Piece of Furniture, Wieser created a curtain edition that transforms her signature wallpaper design into a functional object.

Untitled, 2023
Fabric with opaque back 240 gsm
Close-weave polyester fabric with a grey polyamide blackout back, which prevents light from behind affecting the printed image.
390x314 cm (dimensions adjustable to a smaller size maintaining the proportions)

Edition of ten

Price: 2500 Euro


© Photos by Andrea Rossetti