Friedemann Heckel

On the notion of two

The notion of two may free the singular, the individual from its solitary existence, from its deserted drifting through the open. It gives the ‘one’ a second, a counterpart, something to be in conversation with, something to engage in a dialectic discourse with. The double bench may be a first prototype of a series of furniture pieces circling around the notion of two. It was built with a friend, as each of the pieces is meant to be built together with someone. It was then placed in a lively backyard without providing further information. Passers-by used it and the weather destroyed it. Crafted by a four-handed dialogue, the pieces are born from necessity. They are the representation of a simple yet potentially complex cause — sitting together, laying together, sitting even closer together. They are conversational pieces. The parley arises from here and leads to situations, questions or solutions that the one who sits alone would not necessarily reach. Made from dyed fibreboard, each of the pieces comes in its own color, distinguishing it from the others and marking a colored conversational moment in time.

© Install shots photos by Torben Höke