Jason Gringler

Candle holders

Jason Gringler’s candelabra design is modelled after a standard cross formation with the top portion angled upward 90 degrees. The first versions were fabricated from recycled steel formerly used in his workshop as table legs. As Gringler’s studio furniture is uniformly painted white, the candelabra is also white. Welding and grinding deface the surface during production. This systematic practice is extended to all current and future candelabras.

“I tend to align my studio output with the material traditions of minimalism. However, in contrast to a conceptual foundation given over to fabricators, I prefer to abuse materials until a desired result is achieved. Errors are cherished thus resulting in the expulsion of high minimalist ideology.”

All pieces are unique

One candle holder: 350 Euro

L: 30cm W: 30cm H: 20cm

© Photos by Martina della Valle