Viola Eickmeier

As a designer and artwork producer, Viola Eickmeier produces works with a variety of processes that may not be visible in the completed object. In 2020, she exhibited a project called Material Property at Kunstverein Göttingen which presented a table that became the predecessor for the smaller prototype #2110 included in a Piece of Furniture’s exhibition Act 1.  

#2110 (Lounge Table) reveals distinct characteristics determined by the use of its raw materials and a turning process. The table top is made from fibreglass plasterboard, a material often used to cover walls. The boards are placed horizontally, with a grid of screws and seams which is covered with a thin coat of polyester filler. A light maple veneer bands the edge of the table top. Each of the four table legs demonstrates a stage of the turning process: leg by leg, these wooden objects are determined by the maximum available rectangular size, and then transformed into a cylinder, followed by the rounding of their ends to create half spheres. The last leg becomes the most anthropomorphic form of the group, defined by its swells and hollows.

Interfering and stopping between production stages allows Viola Eickmeier to think about the design process and expose the production methods essential to her works.

Lounge table
#2110 (Lounge Table), 2021
Lime, maple, GFK plaster board, MDF, polyester
60x29x60 cm

Price: 1600 Euro


© Photos by Studio Flemma