Boltenstern Bar, Vienna

Pia-Marie Remmers talks about the Boltenstern Bar, situated within the walls of Galerie Meyer Kainer in Vienna. Based on an interview with Christian Meyer, this article unravels the history of the premises and its special relationship with art and furniture.

Marco Bruzzone’s exhibition at SMU, Dallas. 2016
“Triple Carbs Society (The Built-in Kitchen of M. Duchamp)”

We are revisiting Marco Bruzzone’s exhibition at SMU in which he explores the idea of the kitchen space as the center of family life; an exploration of how life begins with every meal. To do so, Bruzzone re-enacted (with students from the University) M. Duchamp’s meals at a little italian restaurant during his time spent in New York. Bruzzone re-imagines Donald Judd’s Picnic table and simultaneously curates a show whitin the installation.

Friedemann Heckel on the notion of two

Heckel’s project and research applies “the notion of two” to the utilitarian aspect of furniture.
“The pieces are born from necessity. They are made for a simple yet potentially complex cause — sitting together, laying together, sitting even closer together.”